Police have means and resolve thow to make silicone bracelets at homeo maintain city"s rule of law

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Citizens show support for Hong Kong Police during a public assembly at Admiralty, July 20, 2019. [PHOTO/CHINA DAILY]

Hong Kong police are confident and committed to maintaining law and order, and they have the will and capability to step up their efforts to enforce the law in the face of the stiff challenges posed by violent protests.

Lam Chi-wai, chairman of the Junior Police Officers" Association, which represents more than 20,000 front-line officers, made the remarks in a group interview on Thursday.

Lam said the "extreme" violence committed by radical protesters, whom he called "rioters", in recent rallies against the now-suspended extradition bill is likely to recur.

He said that the police force has sufficient equipment, manpower and capabilities to maintain the rule of law. "We are 100 percent confident in safeguarding Hong Kong"s law and order, protecting public security, and restoring the city"s stability as soon as possible."

Anyone who participated in illegal assemblies has broken the law, Lam said, adding that police will do their utmost to deter violent acts, including using more-forceful means to stop the violence.

Wilkie Ng Wai-kei, chairman of the Hong Kong Police Inspectors" Association, said in a separate interview that police are testing three anti-riot vehicles armed with water cannons that can spray liquid dye on radical protesters to help identify suspects. The vehicles, imported from France, will be ready for deployment in 10 days to deter extreme violence during protests, he said.

Hong Kong police officers have acted with great restraint in riot control compared to the tactics of law enforcement officers in other places, including the United States, Italy and Russia. Even though Hong Kong police officers have faced severe violence against them, not one real bullet was fired at protesters, Lam said.

Nevertheless, police officers need greater legal protection to bolster their determination and confidence when using force, he said.

The Hong Kong Police Inspectors" Association also said that the police are sparing no efforts to bring lawbreakers in the protests to justice. Ng urged relevant government departments to strengthen their efforts to prosecute the offenders.

Ng said he is confident that the judiciary is fair and just in trying suspects arrested in violent clashes with the police.

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